Hamra St, the Reason Behind its’ Name !

Hamra St. in 1910
Hamra St. in 1910

According to my interview with one of the oldest men in Hamra St, I discovered that Hamra came into official existence in the 15th century when a war between Banu Talhouk and Bani Hamra occurred with the latter winning the battle. Bani Hamra’s victory drove Banu Talhouk back to their homes in Raas Beirut and in the eventual naming of the street to celebrate the winners of the battle, Bani Hamra.

Named Karam Al Hamra Street at its early stage, the street was a trench known for its hot, red sand and narrow nature. However, with the development of  Beirut, its passageways gradually expanded into streets, each with its own name.

However, I did another research and turned out to be there is another side of the story.

Other sources believe that Hamra was named that way because of the red sand (meaning Hamra) that dominated as one of its unique characteristics.

Which one do you believe to be true? I would love to see your comments below.

This is what makes history a very interesting matter to read and research about, uncovering the truth that is doomed to be mysterious and exciting.

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Bubble T’s New Blend

My Friends and I enjoying our Bubble T.

Yesterday i was with friends at Hamra St. where we were stopped by a Bubble T sales person to try a new drink they just released.

In brief, Bubble tea is a Taiwanese blend based on tea and which was initially invented in Taichung in the 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls and/or fruit jellies are often added.

The fruits mixed were strawberry and banana. I actually loved the blend, it was rich and full of flavour that would make you want more and more. Moreover, I experienced this great taste of the tapioca balls that balance the caffeine of the Tea inside the drink.

A great alternative for caffeinated Soda! I sure will try it again :).

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Viva Hamra Lovers!

Hamra Street, Beirut

Streets have a life of their own. They don’t just document the march of history, the sound of wars and victories; they also go a long way to establish the culture of a city. In fact, Hamra St. is a place where heritage and modern lives are combined together, creating the perfect blend. So come on and venture through my eyes as I wander through the most beautiful street in the City of Beirut.

Ever since I was a child, Hamra was the best place to go to enjoy my days off. Therefore, I developed a link with the street like never before. Even though I do not actually live in Hamra St., I believe that it is my second hometown. So, as a Graphic Design senior student, I started researching about the street I love the most and discovered a lot about it.

Till now, experiencing Hamra St. is my ultimate goal. I decided to explore its restaurants, cafes, art, architecture and events.

Hamra never sleeps and I don’t either! So keep your eyes here for new articles and posts!

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