Ashekman Insider.

A couple of days ago I had an interview with Omar Kabbani, one of the Ashkman twin brothers.

Briefly, ASHEKMAN Urban Wear  was established in 2001 by Graffiti artists Mohamed and Omar Kabbani, both identical twins and founders of ashekman Lebanese rap crew. 

 Beginning with the thought of mixing their graphic design college degree with their hip hop passion in an Arabic context, a Lebanese urban clothing line named after their rap crew Ashekman was the outcome, reflecting the Lebanese underground music scene.

What differentiates Ashkman Urban Wear are their designs which combine Arabic graffiti, urban graphics, calligraphy, Lebanese proverbs, all using Arabic fonts created solely for Ashkman Urban Wear.

After the interview, I discovered a lot of fascinating facts about Omar which made me understand the reason behind Ashekman’s success.

According to Omar, his graffiti is a work of art that should be exposed as much as possible, and that is why he prefers busy streets’ walls as his canvas. And like any other enterpreneur he and his brother have faced a lot of problems. We insisted that’s how we existed.” Through twelve years of hustle, ASHEKMAN managed to transform their hobby and passion into a profession, from street artists to entrepreneurs, from band to brand.

Respect ! 🙂Matloub " Wanted"9 ashekman-1940x1293 Li Beirut


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