Ali Matters…

Why should the life of a person be swept away because of a primitive problem that cannot be compared to a soul; money.

Ali Abdallah


Grafitti By Yazan Halawani in the memory of Ali Abdullah
Grafitti By Yazan Halawani in the memory of Ali Abdullah

For those who heard about him, would understand why I’m writing this post. And for those who don’t then let me explain who Ali was.

Ali was a ‘Social Symbol’. An image of what isn’t right in this country. Of how little sympathy a society as far as anyone knows known for its glow gave Ali and the numerous, and regularly disregarded, vagrants and ladies of this nation. We see them consistently. We’ve become used to strolling pass them, disregarding them. And afterward we whine about this present world’s brutality.


Well, Ali Abdallah passed away on the cold night of January. His body was found in front of a McDonald’s on Bliss, frozen to death. Ali was forgotten, ignored, by all of us. All of us AUB students, residents and visitors of Hamra. Denying that fact would be an insult to his memory.

Thing is, Ali’s life is a mystery to most of us. We rely on rumors to get an approximate idea of what exactly happened to him. Everyone has something to say about him. Some say he was an AUB teacher who suffered psychological damage after witnessing the rape of his daughter and wife during the Civil War. Some say he refused to take money because he didn’t want to be a beggar.

Ali must be remembered.

So please join the group that was created on Facebook to fight homelessness in Lebanon. Please check it out and join the conversation
And hope that we will never witness such a horrific tragedy again.

Have a nice one 🙂


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