MEDGO First Mediterranean International Oil and Gas Conference took place in Hamra Street

Under the patronage of Mrs. Nazik Al Hariri, the President of the board of trustees of Rafik Hariri University (RHU) and the President of Rafik Hariri Foundation; MEDGO, the First Mediterranean Gas and Oil Conference managed to take place in Crowne Plaza in the center of Hamra street. 

The confernce had a huge success and attracted many important people aside to the media coverage from a number of prestigious  newspapers

This makes me think, why out of all the places in Lebanon, did the RHU organizing comitte choose Hamra Street. 

The answer is simple, its because Hamra was, and still is, the most important street in the country. 

Its culture, its remarkable history and its lively characteristics are what makes the street the best place to welcome the prestigious conference visitors from around the world.

Makes me proud of the street I love and the University i go to 🙂

If you were from the people who attended, then I personally hope that the conference was usefull and taught you alot about the possibilities of the usage of Gas and Oil in Lebanon. 


May Chidiac
Conference Shots

Conference Shots



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