Khaled Alawan and the Wimpy Operation

Poster commemorating Khaled Alwan
Poster commemorating Khaled Alwan
Image dating back to the day of the operation.

Today I’m impressed to know that one of the important operations against Israel was done in Hamra Street!

Khaled Alwan was walking in Hamra Street with 2 others when they saw three Israel soldiers drinking their coffee in Wimpy Coffee Shop.

The scene provoked Khaled so he decided, on the spot with his friends, to attack and kill the soldiers sitting there. Khaled and his friends separated and attacked from all directions and shot down all 3 soldiers.

This operation was written about in many newspapers and articles, indicating that it was the starting point that leads to the retreat of Israel soldiers from Lebanon.

A really brave thing to do from a brave person 🙂

In fact you can see a pole right in Hamra street to immortalise his bravery 🙂

Pole in an honour of Khaled Alawan

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