Hamra St, the Reason Behind its’ Name !

Hamra St. in 1910
Hamra St. in 1910

According to my interview with one of the oldest men in Hamra St, I discovered that Hamra came into official existence in the 15th century when a war between Banu Talhouk and Bani Hamra occurred with the latter winning the battle. Bani Hamra’s victory drove Banu Talhouk back to their homes in Raas Beirut and in the eventual naming of the street to celebrate the winners of the battle, Bani Hamra.

Named Karam Al Hamra Street at its early stage, the street was a trench known for its hot, red sand and narrow nature. However, with the development of  Beirut, its passageways gradually expanded into streets, each with its own name.

However, I did another research and turned out to be there is another side of the story.

Other sources believe that Hamra was named that way because of the red sand (meaning Hamra) that dominated as one of its unique characteristics.

Which one do you believe to be true? I would love to see your comments below.

This is what makes history a very interesting matter to read and research about, uncovering the truth that is doomed to be mysterious and exciting.

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