Viva Hamra Lovers!

Hamra Street, Beirut

Streets have a life of their own. They don’t just document the march of history, the sound of wars and victories; they also go a long way to establish the culture of a city. In fact, Hamra St. is a place where heritage and modern lives are combined together, creating the perfect blend. So come on and venture through my eyes as I wander through the most beautiful street in the City of Beirut.

Ever since I was a child, Hamra was the best place to go to enjoy my days off. Therefore, I developed a link with the street like never before. Even though I do not actually live in Hamra St., I believe that it is my second hometown. So, as a Graphic Design senior student, I started researching about the street I love the most and discovered a lot about it.

Till now, experiencing Hamra St. is my ultimate goal. I decided to explore its restaurants, cafes, art, architecture and events.

Hamra never sleeps and I don’t either! So keep your eyes here for new articles and posts!


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